4 Tips to Help You Recuperate After a Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Thanks to modern medicine and technology, you can still rebuild your breast for cosmetic purposes, especially after medical surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon can suggest using a flap reconstruction technique that transplants body tissue from one donor region to your breast region. Another form of breast reconstruction surgery is the use of implants. Whatever option the surgeon recommends, you want to heal and recover quickly after the procedure. How can you make the recovery period bearable? [Read More]

"Turkey Neck?" Try Botox

Turkey is the star of the Thanksgiving table, and it can be delicious. But when you look in the mirror, you really don't want to find that your own neck resembles that of a turkey. Unfortunately, sometimes as you age, the skin on your neck starts to sag and certain muscles in your neck become more obvious, creating a look that is commonly described as "turkey neck." But don't worry — you don't have to go on looking like this! [Read More]