A Look At What's Involved With Getting Breast Implants

Breast implants improve the appearance of your shape and help you feel better about yourself. You may want implants after you've had breast cancer surgery, after you've lost a lot of weight, after you've breastfed, or when your breasts are smaller than you like. Each person is different, so the approach your doctor takes depends on your shape and your goals. Here's a look at the process of getting breast implants.

Choosing The Type And Size Of The Implants

You have a lot of choices when it comes to the implants you choose to get. The size you select is important because that determines how your shape will look after the surgery. Try wearing bras of different sizes to see how you would look with different sizes of breasts. Your cosmetic surgeon may provide you with breast forms to use for this purpose so you make the best decision when determining the size of your implants.

You have a choice in types, too. You can choose saline or silicone. You can also choose smooth, textured, round, or gummy bear implants. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, gummy bear implants hold their shape and won't leak out, but because they always have the same shape, they can give your breast an odd appearance if an implant shifts position. Your doctor will explain the pros and cons of each type of implant when it comes to how natural they look and feel, so you know what to expect with the type you choose.

Undergoing The Implant Procedure

Breast implant surgery can be done in different ways too. The doctor chooses an area for the incision that will be out of sight so the scar won't be as noticeable. The incision might be made around the nipple, in the crease under your breast, or in your underarm. The type of implants you receive and whether the implant is under the muscle or on top of it determines where the incision is made.

Once the implant is in place, the doctor may insert a drain in your breasts so fluid can drain out. You'll wear a surgical bra or your breasts will be wrapped in bandages until your next appointment with the doctor. During the initial healing phase, you'll need to be careful about heavy lifting and other activities that could put pressure on the incision. When you leave the hospital or clinic after the surgery, you'll go home with instructions on how to care for your breasts and what activities you're allowed to do.

You'll notice your new shape right away after the surgery, but it will take time for the final results to emerge. It could take months for the incision scar to heal completely and it could also take months for all the swelling to go down in your breasts so you can see their final shape.

For more information about breast implants, reach out to a cosmetic surgeon near you.