Breast Surgery: Recovery And Healing

Breast augmentation is something you've likely wanted for some time. However, while you may be eager to see and experience the surgery results, you may be unprepared for the immediate aftermath of your breast augmentation procedure. Use these healing and recovery tips.

Don't Be Alarmed

Once you are fully aware of how the implants feel, you might be very concerned about how hard they feel and want to check with your surgeon immediately. You're likely to have already scheduled a post-op checkup, but understand that regular swelling is what contributes most to the hard feel of your new implants. As swelling decreases and your body recovers, the implants should soften and feel more natural.

Use Pillows

The entire area could be rather sore; you may already plan to sleep on your back or either side. However, avoiding stomach sleep isn't important only for comfort; in rare cases doing so too soon could displace the breast implants themselves. Therefore, awareness of your sleeping position is important. 

Propping yourself in one position with different pillows can help. In particular, a wedge-shaped or foam pillow could be most effective at stopping you from rolling about too much in bed.

Use Ice Packs, Compresses, and Gel Bras

Swelling feels uncomfortable, so you'll need to take action to encourage that swelling to dissipate. This can often be done with cold items like compresses or ice packs. You may even want to seek gel bras that can be refrigerated or frozen before wearing them. 

Eat Well

Surgery can be tiresome and exhausting to the body. For that reason, you may not be doing a great job of getting nutritious foods into your belly or adequate amounts of water. Both are vital for a positive recovery.

When you aren't eating, pain medication can make your stomach feel sour, for example. More importantly, your body needs protein and other nutrients to heal faster. Water intake is essential during this time to flush medication out of your system. Do your best to eat a full, healthy diet. Relatives or friends may be needed to step in and provide help.

Avoid Salt

While striving for a nutritious diet, it's also wise to remember that your chest tissues remain swollen. For this reason, you want to avoid salty foods or additional added salt. Salt can bloat your body and contribute to prolonged swelling.

Your ability to use these healing suggestions will affect how quickly you bounce back from surgery. Keep in contact with your breast augmentation surgeon for advice for additional concerns or questions.