Getting Married? 3 Tips To Incorporate A Chemical Peel Into Preparation

The moment you get engaged is when you may begin to think about the wedding and what you can do to prepare. Shopping around for a dress, venue, decorations, and vendors is all part of the wedding preparation. Another thing you may want to do is work on yourself, such as getting skin rejuvenation treatments that can give you a more vibrant and youthful look.

While you can schedule a chemical peel at any time, you will find it helpful to follow tips to ensure you are satisfied with the results of your wedding.

Procedure Depth

An important decision you can make with your skin care professional is the depth level of the procedure. A light peel is an excellent option when you feel like your skin already looks good and you are only interested in a slight boost to bring it to near perfection. You may find a medium peel more effective for deeper issues such as acne scars and skin tone concerns.

The most intensive procedure depth is a deep chemical peel, which often involves local anesthesia to ensure a comfortable experience. You want to meet with a professional to discuss your skin, wedding, timeframe, and goals because they can all impact your depth choice.


One of the greatest risks of getting a chemical peel is that your skin becomes more susceptible to viral infection. A doctor may give you an antiviral medication that you take alongside your chemical peel to keep viral infections away. Protecting your skin from the sun is also an important step that will maximize the chance of desirable and even results after the recovery.

Wearing sunscreen, sun hats, and putting yourself into situations where you are not exposed to the sun much are all viable strategies. Ideally, you want to give yourself enough time to prepare for single or multiple chemical peel treatments and time to heal before your wedding.


Preparing before a chemical peel and taking protective measures afterward will give you the greatest chance of a smooth recovery. But a potential concern is that redness can last for months. This makes it worthwhile to begin the chemical peel process shortly after getting engaged and many months before your wedding to guarantee that redness will not be an issue.

When you have recently got engaged and want to prepare for an incredible wedding, you can follow these tips to incorporate a chemical peel into your wedding preparation. 

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