Dynamic Wrinkles: What Are They And Can You Treat Them?

If tiny wrinkles show up in the outer corners of your eyes when you smile, you could have dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles show up in areas of your face that experience a lot of movement during the day, such as around your eyes and lips. You can cosmetically remove the dynamic wrinkles around your eyes with the information below.

How Do You Get Dynamic Wrinkles?

You can't avoid getting some types of wrinkles, including dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles generally develop in places around your face you use most of the time. The places include your lips and eyes. You can also get dynamic wrinkles on your forehead or just above your eyebrows.

Repeated actions, such as smiling and frowning, cause most of the dynamic wrinkles on your face. Repeated actions such as smiling force the muscles in your face to contract. The contractions cause the skin over your muscles to fold in or wrinkle. The more you smile or frown, the more pronounced the wrinkles in your face become. 

You can do a few things to reduce the dynamic wrinkles in your face, including applying moisturizer to the skin around your lips and eyes. However, moisturizers will only improve the texture of your skin. It won't get rid of your wrinkles. The best way to treat dynamic wrinkles is to see a cosmetic specialist for the solutions you need.

How Do You Get Rid of Dynamic Wrinkles?

A cosmetic specialist can minimize, or even get rid of, your dynamic wrinkles with fillers such as botox. The fillers contain a chemical solution called botulinum. The solution relaxes the tiny muscles in your eyes, mouth, and forehead so that they don't contract too much when you smile or frown. Your facial skin remains smooth and even throughout the day.

Fillers can last for some time before you need to receive them again. The time may depend on the:

  • number of areas you need to treat
  • type of dynamic wrinkles you need to treat
  • location of the dynamic wrinkles you need to treat

A cosmetic doctor will administer the right amount of botulinum to your face during your visits. If you have deep wrinkles on your face, a specialist can make another appointment for you at a later date. 

The results of your fillers may vary. A specialist will go over the expected results with you during your initial visit.

Learn more about dynamic wrinkles and how to get rid of them by consulting a cosmetic doctor today.