How Can The Three Main Types Of Cosmetic Injectables Help You?

Cosmetic injectables have been popular for a long time because of their ability to help boost a person's appearance without needing to go under a knife. These procedures are easy to go through and have a quick turn-around time with regard to both results and recovery. If you haven't gotten cosmetic injections before, there are three main kinds that can help to give you a youthful boost.


This is one of the most common forms of cosmetic injection, and chances are you've heard of at least one of them: Botox. Botox, and more recent forms of this injectable method, like Jeuveau, are designed to help smooth out existing wrinkles and fine lines, while also preventing the development of new ones.

Both Botox and Jeuveau are intended to help prevent the muscles under your skin from moving as much. This helps to prevent the skin from being pushed together and collagen lost or pushed out of place, which can cause wrinkles to form. They're a good choice if putting off the look of aging is your goal.


One of the other most common forms of cosmetic injectables is fillers. Fillers are designed to help plump up and push out your skin to where it was when you were young. They're particularly popular for when you have problems like hollows under your eyes or below your cheekbones. These hollows develop naturally as your body starts to produce less collagen, which is a common side effect of both aging and excessive sun exposure. Some fillers help your body generate new collagen, while others simply take on the role of the collagen itself. In either case, they can quickly help fill out your skin, giving it bouncy, youthful plumpness again.


Finally, it might surprise you, but some injectables are actually designed to get rid of what's there, rather than replacing it. Kybella, for example, is a type of injectable that helps the body get rid of unwanted fat. When it's injected, it goes to work breaking down fat cells, and then the body carries them away as waste. This type of procedure usually requires a few injections for full results, but it's a lot easier on the body than going under the knife to remove fat from under the jawline. However, this is typically only used in the region of the chin and jaw, so keep that in mind. Your doctor will determine how many injections you need for maximum efficacy. 

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