3 Common Issues Following Laser Hair Removal, And How To Deal With Them

If you're tired of shaving and waxing, laser hair removal provides a more permanent alternative. However, the process can lead to some temporary issues in the days following the procedure. Here's a look at three common issues following laser hair removal, and how you should deal with them.

Your skin is irritated and sore.

People experience different degrees of irritation following the procedure. Some people barely notice any soreness at all, while others cannot touch their skin without it stinging. Regardless of your level of soreness, it is a good idea to use a gentle, non-scented moisturizer in the days following surgery. This will give your skin the nutrients it needs to heal. Stay away from anything with fragrances or dyes, as these may irritate your skin further.

You can also soothe your sore skin by taking cool baths or by holding an ice pack over the sore area for a few minutes at a time. Taking an oatmeal bath (once again, using a product that does not contain any fragrances or dyes) can also help. Add the oatmeal bath mixture to the tub according to package instructions, and soak away.

Your skin looks red and unsightly.

Redness after the procedure is also very common. If you had the hair removed from an area you can easily cover with clothing, such as your legs or underarms, just wear clothes that hide these areas until your skin has had a few days to recover. If you had hair removed from your face, try camouflaging the redness with a tinted moisturizer and a gentle dusting or finishing powder. Wearing heavy foundation is not advised in the days after laser hair removal, as it can irritate your skin and clog your sensitive pores.

The hair is growing back.

Many patients panic when they start to notice hair growing back after the procedure, assuming this means the laser treatment did not work. This is not the case! Sometimes, more than one session is required to remove all of the hair, especially if you have light-colored hair, which is less affected by the laser than darker hair. Simply call your doctor and let them know you still have some lingering hair. They will schedule an additional appointment or two to build on the effects of the first one.

Laser hair removal is a simple, effective means of getting rid of unwanted body hair. Follow your doctor's instructions in the days following the procedure, and you will minimize your risk of developing or irritating the issues above. If you have more questions about skin care, visit Waccamaw Dermatology & Plastic Surgery LLC.